Rock the Warehouse 2016

330 people descended upon Classic Event Rentals on May 25th for the Third Annual NACE ‘Rock the Warehouse’ Event.

 Balloon People designed this fabulous backdrop!

Board members, Sandi From Fable Photo, Marissa from The Saguaro and Megan from SoHo63 greeted guests as they entered The Classic Party Rentals Warehouse.

Before the WhiteRoom Challenge, attendees sampled Cuisine from HerbBox Catering, Tom & Lin Catering, Special Moments Catering, BobbyQ and Whataburger and delicious libations from The Perch, OhSo Brewing, And Raise the Bar!


The White Room Challenge brought out six of the industry’s finest event designers to create fabulous tabletop design.  Each Design Team was allowed to bring a box of their own props and a bucket of flowers to be paired with event element s chosen for them by draw. Each team drew a set of chairs, a type of table, and a set of china and then they were given 30 minutes to dress and design the table.

As an additional creative element, each team was given a ‘surprise’ prop that they had to incorporate into their design.

Apropos Creations was resplendent with apple green and buttercup yellow lamour cloths and a clustered centerpiece design of hydrangea, tulips and bells of Ireland in Silver urns with assorted sizes of silver candle stands. Their Surprise element was a ‘Pink Flamingo

BTS Event Management had a gorgeous palette of Tiger lily lamour linens accented with navy and pewter on a comfy and stylish lounge sofa. Unique florals that included macramé, cholla skeletons and modern iron wire balls dripped with amaranthus and cobra lilies. The ‘surprise’ puppy paw balloon hung off one side as a whimsical note.

The rustic cowhide table designed by Desert Foothills tied together their surprise element of a dolphin balloon with their turquoise hanging jars and a runner of turquoise blue accented with western red napkins in mason jar mugs on a tall wooden table. a wildflower look completed the look

The Paint inspired table from Herb Box Catering boasted a bit of an Indian flair with edible mandalas on desert tarts and a quirky elephant surrounded by multicolored flowers as the centerpiece. Edible ‘Paint frosting with paint brushes so that guests could ‘color’ their mandalas graced the table and a modern paintbrush backdrop finished off the look. The Surprise accent of red and blue sticks melded perfectly with their theme.

Vermilion Events went Mad Hatter Tea Party with fun clocks made out of chargers accenting the walls, moss covered mushrooms and teacups and a lush purple linen topped with a garden inspired centerpiece of iris and lime mums. The surprise of Pink Lace fit into the tea party theme perfectly!


Santa Barbara Catering really brought the beach into the white room. Hanging nets and starfish on the walls tied up with their surprise element of gold bows, Rope napkin rings and starfish menu cards were just the beginning. hydrangeas floated above a cylinder vase with fish and beach inspired flowers. their design won the competition!


Thanks to NACE Member Sponsors:

Balloon People, Classic Event Rentals , Fable Photo, Herb Box 

and we couldn’t have done it with prospective members who got the party going:

SKM Entertainment, Traveling Photo Booth, Whataburger, OhSo, The Perch, Tom & Lin Catering, Fairytale Brownies, Special Moments Catering,   BobbyQ, Raise the Bar, Royal Restrooms,

Music by The Coconauts Band had guests up and moving.

and AZ Bounce Pro who provided fun entertainment such as thelarge light bright, air hockey, jingo, fuss ball, kerplunk and a motion photo booth.


 For more great pictures of the event from Fable Photo and 3D Photography and Design click Rock the Warehouse2016 

submitted by Ginia Lucas

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