Lee Goldstein-Holcomb -- Bubbie's Mini-Donuts

Lee Goldstein-Holcomb

What is your favorite comfort food?  Grilled cheese and tomato soup

Who (living or dead) would you most like to have a chat with?  My dad.

What are you reading?  The Casual Vacancy, by J.K.Rowling

What song do you most want to hear when working out?  Dedicated to the One I Love, The Mamas & Papas (or) Sherry, Frankie Vallie & The Four Seasons (so many!)

Do you have any hobbies, what are they?  I am an acrylic artist, a newbie at the piano, I take yoga classes and I’m also starting a garden.  I also have a weekly day-long play-date with my granddaughter, Lila, who will be 3 years old in December.  Rich & I also love to travel, this past summer we went on a 2 month ‘cross-country trip with our dog, Abby.

What is your favorite day of the week & why?  I’m stealing a line from my husband….’Any day you wake up is a good day!’  While I was a teacher, I would have said Fridays…I love all the tumult of the weekends, but I think Mondays are now my favorite days….just a day to regroup and relax.

Do you have a favorite movie or, one that you absolutely hate?  The last movie that I watched, The Intouchables…now is one of my all-time favorites.  I still think The Wizard of Oz is great!  I really don’t like horror movies.

What brings joy to your day?  Family, friends…my dog, Abby, it’s all good!  Lately, I have gotten into cooking and I’m loving it.  Soon, veggies and spices straight from my garden.

What one thing would you like people to know about your business?  Bubbie’s Mini-Donuts is such an unexpected treat that your clients can give their guests.  I always tell people that it’s like a miniature Krispy Kreme donut machine with very elegant service.  Your guests will see the action, smell the aroma and enjoy a personal tray of fresh donuts.  For an example, one type of donut is Cinna-Dunks, which are donuts sprinkled with cinnamon-sugar served with vanilla icing…think Cinna-Buns!  As your guests are leaving your party, we will give them a party favor, a bag of Bubbie’s Mini-Donuts to enjoy on the way home.

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Jennifer Ryan - Private Party Director for American Valet

What is your favorite comfort food?  Mashed potatoes (or any candy)

Who (living or dead) would you most like to have a chat with? James Patterson

What are you reading? I just finished The Time Keeper

What song do you most want to hear when working out? Fighter by Christina Aguilera or Linkin Park (random I know…)

Do you have any hobbies, what are they? Hiking, running, reading, Sudoku, movies, family, and friends

What is your favorite day of the week & why? Saturdays, because it’s my day. 

Do you have a favorite movie or, one that you absolutely hate? My favorite movie depends on my mood at the time.  My least favorite is easy to remember, I once rented a movie on redbox called the planet… it was so horrible that I wanted my time back plus interest.  It really was that bad.

What brings joy to your day? Making people smile.

What one thing would you like people to know about your business? Valet really is important and the level of service provided makes a difference at events.  We listen to our customers and make sure that what we provide suits their vision.  We take very seriously the fact that we are the first and last impression of an event and strive to exceed our clients and their guests’ expectations.

Jennifer Ryan

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      Starlight Foundation was the focus of Phoenix NACE’s Creating Fashion for a Cause fundraiser in September. This amazing foundation gives families of critically ill children the ability to enjoy life a little more, thereby helping to alleviate some of the pain and stress on these children and their families.

       Phoenix NACE incorporated some of these beautiful children into their fashion show by having designers create costumes from everyday items that we use in the event industry.

       Twenty-one spectacular designs from venues and designers enthralled the guests before the scrumptious dinner of Angus Filet, a Purple Potato and Yukon Creamer Savoyard, and Duck Fat Poached Chantrelle Mushroom with a  White Truffle Demi provided by the Venue Scottsdale.

Special thanks to all our Sponsors!

~ Arizona Weddings Magazine ~  Arizona`s Finest Wedding Sites & Services ~ AuctionsByCellular ~ Foskett Creative ~           ~ J Barry Designs ~ Kool Party Rentals ~ La Dolce Pesca ~ One Hope Wines ~ Ten West Photography ~ The Knot ~                  ~ The Venue Scottsdale ~ WEDAZ ~ Y-Knot Party & Rentals ~

 Gown Created by The Venue Scottsdale & Jennyvi Dizon

 Jennyvi Dizon partnered with the team at The Venue Scottsdale to come up with this inspired gown.  Both teams wanted to take the alternative materials idea to the next level and make a garment that is also “green”.  The bodice was hand crocheted with plastic grocery bags, reinforced with a tape backing and corseted at the back.  The layers on the skirt are a mixture of grocery bags and leftover pattern paper.  The adornment on the sleeves and the bow are also mixtures of grocery bags and paper pieces. Wanting to ensure the project was both eco-friendly and unique, Jennyvi and The Venue Scottsdale team found inspiration for this gown by simply using the resources that surround her every day.

 Gown #1 Created by Fresh Creative Group 

 Created out of crystals strands, LED lights and accented with linens, flowers and jewels, this dress is a light of the party! Created by Cyndie Turtoro with Viktoriya Sergiychuk of Fresh Creative Group, the duo put their creative genius to work when creating this piece which incorporates linens from Cloth Connection.  Thank you Fresh Creative Group.

 Gown #2 Created by Fresh Creative Group 

Feeling inspired and unable to make a decision on just one dress, Fresh Creative Group sent another show stopper down the runway.  This lady never needs a reservation as her look comes complete with her own table set.  Once again, the genius of designers Cyndie Turtoro with Viktoriya Sergiychuk of Fresh Creative Group wows us all with their creativity and over execution of this look. Silver flatware adorns her cape and bodice as well as her shoes!

 Gown by kool. Party Rentals 

Designed by Alexis Strizich and modeled by her daughter Delaney, this next gown represents all elements that are kool.  One of the most important materials that makes kool Party Rentals kool.  is acrylic, and the acrylic layered skirt illuminated with battery charged LED lights is topped with circular cut pieces of acrylic sewn onto a leather bodice. Finally, Delaney’s hair is hair is adorned with a variety of pieces from our kool. Centerpiece Collection.

 Gown Designed By Beauty and Brains Consulting for The Wedding & Event Network

 Maggie Williams & Alexis German of Beauty and Brains Consulting designed this for The Wedding & Event Network. Industry inspiration influenced this dress made from layers upon layers of media print, brochures & local business cards. It’s amazing that you can get sucha sensational gown that is not only fun and flirty but gorgeous and girly from industry publications!

 Gown Created by J Barry Designs 

With the event main focus in mind, designer Jessica Barry of J Barry Designs created this masterpiece of Stars. Working hand in hand with the kids of The Starlight Children’s Foundation—Arizona, Jessica and her new friends set to work coloring over 500 paper stars that cover  this work of art…from the funky fun chicken wire based detachable skirt to the splash of produce…this dress is truly one of kind.

  Gown created by Arizona Weddings Magazine                

 Looking no further than the pages of their number one bridal magazine, the Arizona Weddings Magazine team spent countless hours’ hand making the over 200 paper flowers that cover this gown.  Every detail of the gown was created by items found in the every day event world.  In fact, the shell of the gown is a table cloth  and the sash is a chairtie provided by Y-Knot Party & Rentals!  A work of love, the Arizona Weddings Magazine gown proves that all you need is love and a little time to create a work of art!

 Gown created by Sterling Event Design

 Created by Carrie Schmidt of Sterling Event Design, lovingly called the Diamonds and Pearls Dress, this gown is created primarily of invitation paper.    Less traditional and more fun, this detailed piece features a paper mache bodice, tulle for shape and diamond cut invitation paper on the skirt overlay.  With simple accents of satin ribbon, crystals and a slight pearl shimmer this Sterling Event Design creation is flirty and fun with a little edge and elegance.

 Gown created by Fiori Floral Design 

Making her runway debut in a Fiori Floral Design creation is Brenna. Created with Brenna’s love of owls in mind, the Fiori Floral Design team created this tree themed dress that is covered in leaves, branches, fresh and silk flowers. The high-low hem is a fun way to showcase all of Brenna’s favorite fall colors—all handmade paper flowers! 

 Gown created by Table Tops, Etc.

 Wanting to stand out from the crowd, valley florists Table Top, Etc created this one of a kind piece for a one of a kind girl ! Each handmade detail was created with Stephanie in mind.  From the floral halter top to the moss details to the rose petal leggings, the team at Table Tops, Etc made every detail with love.  And don’t forget to check out her shoes: covered in fresh flowers!

 Gown Created by Y-Knot Party & Rentals 

Inspired by a chandelier in the Y-Knot Party & Rental offices, the next stunning dress is covered in handmade details.  The layers of rose petals, crystals and ribbons create a soft chandelier effect.  The underskirt is part of a Quinceañera backdrop. Every detail of the dress came from the Y-Knot Party & Rentals building proving that you only need to make one stop when planning your wedding or creating a dress made from event elements!

 Gown created by Butterfly Petals 

Baylee is a special little girl who loves Barbie and the color pink so valley florists Butterfly Petals created something really fun and really girly! Baylee's dress featured pink mink protea, pink lilies and baby's breath. She's wearing a lovely rose fascinator in her hair and, what Barbie girl is complete without some accessories? She's wearing a cute floral necklace and carrying her favorite flower-power puppy! Her big brother Brody is an awesome brother and since he is a fashionable gentleman, h's wearing a silver-leaf fedora and a dashing vest featuring button mums for, well...buttons!

 Gown By Foskett Creative                                                                                                    

 The Foskett Creative Crew doesn't limit their creativity to just photography and cinematography. Fun, Flirty and Fantastic, this gown is a custom creation designed by client and bride-to-be Tara Myers.  Her captivating gown design was created out of recycled photography items and canvas donated by Pixel2Canvas. This one shoulder gown demonstrates that photography canvas isn't just for your walls; canvas can also be used to create a wearable piece of artwork. 

 Gown by Hotel Valley Ho                                                             

 Drawing inspiration from Hotel Valley Ho, dress designer and front desk agent Jennifer Kudray, created this two piece look from event linen, brochures, and environmentally friendly tote bags.  Capping off the look is a headpiece featuring hotel key cards, feathers and a blusher veil.  The final details of the paper rosettes add a little fun while the classic tulle bottom and pearl necklace strap add to the Hotel Valley Ho vintage wedding theme.

 Gown Created by Lux

 The Starlight Children’s Foundation believes each member of the family is affected by the illness and therefore each member of the family should join in the fun. Dayanara, who is little sister to Starlight child Stephanie, LUX Wedding Florist wanted to create a look that would show off Dayanara’s girly side!  This dress features an array of floral embellishments including paper flowers, tulle flowers, and fresh flowers.  Topping off this ingenious endeavor is an elegant neckline and whimsical halo featuring the gorgeous fresh flowers of LUX Wedding Florist. Pages from the former Wedding Chronicle created the pleats of the skirt. 

Gown Created by Encore Creative

 Created by Encore Creative trio, Jennifer Hoffman, Andrea Smith and Carri Thomas, created a gown with a mixture of ivory and white silk rose petals and ivory and white feathers.  Finishing details include feathered train, fresh flower belt and head piece. 

 Gown Created by Scottsdale Resort & Conference Center

The team from Scottsdale Resort & Conference Center shows off their creative sides as they send Rouge Reflections down the runway. Starting from the inside out, the shell of the gown was actually created from hotel sheets and pillow cases.  The top of the dress is covered in chargers, disco ball mirrors, and the skirt is made of feathered boas, LED lights and cellophane.  To finish the look, all accessories are made from silverware and napkins rings!

 Gown Created by Roxie's Designer Collection                             


 As a bridal gown designer, Roxie Hagopian jumped at the chance to show off her creative side in tonight’s show.  Taking her passion for bridal attire, she allowed her imagination to run wild when she began creating this gown out of a garment bag. The top of the gown is actually individually cut colored plastic on the top. And as with every gown from Roxie’s Designer Collections, attention to detail is important.  If you look closely you will see each handmade paper dove has the word “peace” printed on its wings. 
















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