Meet New Member - Tonya Hennesey

Tonya Hennesey

What is your favorite comfort food?  Gummie Bears / Licorice

Who (living or dead) would you most like to have a chat with?  I would love to talk with anyone that has started the Wedding event planning business from the ground up.

What are you reading?  I read mostly anything that is encouraging or has to do with the event planning business and how I may excel.

What song do you most want to hear when working out?  Work-out??? Who has time for that?
Do you have any hobbies, what are they?  I enjoy (and Truly do) love creating events and something out of nothing.

What is your favorite day of the week & why? Everyday is a favorite, because everyday has a new beginning and adventure.

Do you have a favorite movie or, one that you absolutely hate? Clean comedies or romantics

What brings joy to your day?  That I have been able to assist or help someone have a brighter day. I always try to be positive regardless of how things may seem. There is always a bright side to everything.

What one thing would you like people to know about your business? That I (Tonya Kay Events) have so much to offer and I have a big heart. I love everything I do as an event coordinator. From scheduling to planning the day of event. I enjoy meeting new vendor that will be able to assist my
business. I do everything with the highest integrity and at the end of the day, having my clients happy and satisfied that they have hired me for their event, is the best thing for my business.

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