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President's Report

Hello Phoenix NACE!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful 2018 so far! This is my first President’s Report, and I am so excited about it! I am honored and privileged to serve as your Chapter President, and am even more proud to work alongside all of the other outstanding, inspiring, and tireless leaders who keep this organization at the top of its game day in and day out. Your 2018 Board of Directors is AMAZING, and we are all excited about making this year a year to remember.  

It has always been very apparent to me that the National Association for Catering and Events is blessed with the most incredible leaders and event professionals in the nation. All across our industry, there are trends being set, and boundaries being pushed. For me personally, my path to this moment has definitely been paved by some of those remarkable leaders. Dawn Peterson and Amber Allen - You ladies inspire me to be and do better every day, and I am eternally grateful for your guidance and friendship.

Being a part of this NACE family is one of the greatest joys in my life, and over the next couple years, I am committed to share that joy with all of you! There are so many things to be excited for, and I can’t wait to be a part of all the fun!

Cheers to you all!  

Allison Chapin, CPCE, Phoenix NACE President

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Holiday Mixer

The Phoenix NACE Holiday 80" REmix Mixer was a blast! ( from the past!)

Members got their 80's style on with side pony tails, off the shoulder sweatshirts and 'Madonna' Style gloves! Lots of Neon and fun glow sticks made for a festive evening. 

Mis Gif Photo Booth made for some hilarious photos MisGif Photos and videos. 

  Our new President, Allison Chapin from the Valley Ho presented our annual meeting. Short and sweet! thanks Allison! 

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January Meeting

Have you ever had a client That kept adding on to their order and requests but assumed it was part of the initial "package'. and then didn't want to vcover the extra expense? Have you ever had a client that required ore of your time than necessary? 

Well! you are not alone!  Lynne Wellish, CMP, CHSE, CHO , gave us some fabulous insight into "Setting Boundaries with Clients" at our January NACE meeting   at the beautiful Wild Horse Pass & Casino. 

Some of the key notes from her seminar ( and there were so many more!) were:

1. Put your money in the particiapnats experiences

2 Start with a great party favor!

3. creat tasks, agendas and quality instead of quantity meetings.

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Special thanks to our sponsors: 

DePoy Studios

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Generally, as you Newsletter Chair, I try to write from a third person perspective, but I learned so much from the NACE Evolve! Conference  that I feel I need to tell everyone how going to the Leadership Conference benefitted me personally and how next year's Evolve! should be something you put on your calendar. this year we had 12 from our chapter attend.

We always show great pictures of the decorated and stylized events we which make the conference more interesting, but it's the educational seminars that are the reason we go; and while they aren't glamorous, what we learn from them is mind blowing. 

This year not only did we have a few seminars  on running our chapters, but we also had a fantastic Keynote Speaker, Cynthia d'Amour, MBA, whose interactive day long seminar had all of us out of our seats and moving and mingling and actually putting into use, some of her key points.

Here are some of the more poignant key points that really struck me:

  •  Allow others to play- bring quieter members/employees in to express their ideas
  • All voices are equal so run a safe space so they are not afraid to speak up
  • How do people want to be involved in an organization/job
    • do they want to Learn, Help out or Meet people?
  • facilitating strategic conversatons involve many steps  including:
    • asking for understanding
    • Visual concepts
    • time ( timing and giving it time)
    • looking for the best solution 
    • and voting on issues
  • making your culture a 'Yes..And.."  society for positive reinforcement
  • Appreciate being Appreciated

These are just a few of the things that I have already brought into my workplace, and will help facilitate in our Phoenix NACE chapter meetings.

Feel free to ask me or any of our members who attended Evolve! if you have any questions or want to learn more about being a leader! 

Ginia Lucas, MWV, Future CPCE, Manager at Y-Knot PArty & Rentals

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